Finding Relief of Symptoms Through Hypothyroidism Diet Plans

There is an increasing number of people being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and its sufferers are often looking for a natural way to try to control the effects of this condition.

Hypothyroidism is a medical condition caused by an under-active thyroid which doesn’t produce high enough levels of thyroid hormone. The thyroid gland is shaped like a butterfly, and rests at the front of the neck near the collar bones. Conventional treatment is usually thyroid medication prescribed by a doctor.

An under-active thyroid can slow down the body’s processes, including your metabolism, resulting in a lower rate of calorie burning, which can cause weight gain. This can result in lethargy, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and feeling cold all the time. On top of the possible weight gain from a lower metabolism, there can also be weight gain due to the lower energy levels.

Doctors believe that there is little that can be done, other than medication, to control an under-active hypothyroid, and even the Mayo Clinic states that there is no specific hypothyroid diet plan. There is little scientific evidence to validate the claims that a certain type of diet can improve the function of an under-active thyroid.

However, some people claim there is much anecdotal evidence that supports the idea that a proper diet can help relieve the symptoms of many, if not all, medical conditions. [Warning: before making changes to your diet or beginning new hypothyroidism diet plans, please be sure to consult your doctor or licensed health care practitioner, especially when dealing with an illness like hypothyroidism.]

Raw Food Diet

raw-foodA raw food diet, in particular, is said to help most ailments tremendously, especially if it is a high raw or all raw diet. In addition, raw food proponents say they experience a boost in energy, need less sleep, and see a relatively easy decrease in excess weight.

A raw food diet consists of eating vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds that have never been cooked—meaning never heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Nuts and seeds should be soaked and/or sprouted first, to neutralize the phytic acide and make the nuts and seeds easier to assimilate by the body.

A person may choose to go all raw—particularly popular among vegans—or just go “high raw”, which usually means that 70-80% of their food is raw, while they may add some cooked grains or organic chicken to their diet in very small amounts. Either choice can produce excellent health benefits, though you may see faster results with a 100% raw food diet.

Other Diet Plans

Other hypothyroidism diet plans could consist of the South Beach Diet and The Zone Diet, because these diets reduce carbohydrate consumption, which may help control weight and potentially help the thyroid function.

If you are seeking relief for hyperthyroid symptoms, you may also want to consider the following options:

  • Eat more often
  • Limit salt intake
  • Time your calcium supplements (don’t take them at the same time as thyroid hormone medicine)

Dietary Iodine

According to, hypothyroidism could be attributed to the low iodine levels in a person’s diet. Since iodine helps the production of the thyroid hormone, and isn’t produced in significant amounts in the body, dietary iodine can be important. But before adding iodine-rich foods to your diet or taking an iodine supplement, be sure to consult your doctor, since some recommendations for hypothyroidism also include a warning to avoid iodine-containing multi-vitamins. Ask your doctor which course he recommends.

Some people have found success in reducing or eliminating their hypothyroidism symptoms through an improved diet, and have even been able to stop taking their medication in some cases. However, you should not attempt to reduce or eliminate any medication unless you are under close supervision of your doctor as you do so.

With careful planning, research, and experimentation—along with the help of your doctor—it’s possible you may be able to achieve a lessening of your symptoms through healthy, well-balanced hypothyroidism diet plans.

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